Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Children’s Program Review: Maya the Bee

Maya the Bee is loosely based on a German tale written in 1912. Maya is a free-spirit learning to work as a team member. Ultimately, she ends up being true to herself, leaving the hive and making many friends along the way. She’s one of those difficult little personalities who likes to think for herself. Yet she earns the respect of many in her former hive, and she proves herself to be a true friend.

The animation of this children’s program is vibrant and delightful. The stories are interesting and thoughtful. There are several science lessons taught, everything from how bees live in hives to different types of flowers and how they are pollinated. There are other characters that come into play teaching how grasshoppers make noise, worm dig underground and all critters depend on each other for various reasons.

I suppose the best endorsement I can give for Maya and the Bee is that it makes me happy. It’s a fun show that teaches teamwork, while praising individuals for their unique gifts and talents. It also teaches young children a lot about the great outdoors, which I believe is so important. If you have little ones, I'm sure you can rest easy when you let them watch Maya and the Bee.

You can find Maya the Bee on Youtube, Netflix, television and in several places on the web. 2014 even released a movie based on Maya the Bee, and you can also find traditional and ebooks through various free and paid sites on the web.

As a mother and grandma, this Children's Program Review series is very enlightening for me to work on. I hope it helps you in your quest to make positive viewing choices for your children too.

M. J.

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